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Today is the second day of Chhath festival, fasting in preparation for Kharna


Kharna is being celebrated on the second day of Chhath, which is celebrated by worshiping the Sun.

On Panchami Tithi, the second day of Chhath Puja, on the day of Kharna, the Bratalus fast the whole day without eating breakfast.

On the night of Kharna, khir prasad made of ‘rice and jaggery’ is offered to Chhathi Mai in Kharna Puja.

Prasad, incense, sesame seeds, barley, etc. are performed in the Havan of mango wood and Goitha fire. Prasad is cooked in a new oven made of clay, in the fire of Goitha and mango wood.

It is believed that people should not eat salt on this day.

The Bratalus stay hungry throughout the days of Kharna and at night they only eat kheer made of ‘rice and jaggery’ as the prasad of Kharna Puja.

After Kharna, the Chhath brats observe a 36-hour waterless fast till ‘Parna’.

The start of Chhath was started on Friday with the ‘Nahay-Khay’ method.

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