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Artist Dipasha Bisi’s body was found at the University Teaching Hospital, suicide by consuming poison


Model Dipasha Bisi ‘Jalpari’ has committed suicide. She was going through depression and stress for some time. According to close sources, Dipasha had consumed poison. Dipasha was taken to the hospital by her brother and sister.

According to relatives, he was brought to Narvik Hospital last night in a state of weakness after taking Udus medicine. The doctor declared him dead this afternoon.

It is understood that Dipasha, who lives in Surkhet, is going through financial problems. Some time ago, she had taken a huge loan from MeterBadge. Sources say that he was unable to pay the interest on the loan up to a hundred times. She was also asking for financial support from some people in the art sector.

Also, Dipasha was active in music videos. He was also in demand in stage shows in the country and abroad. As understood, he also had a five-year Canadian visa. She had recently moved to Canada. A team of 40 people went to Canada, most of them stayed there and only 5-7 people returned. Dipasha was also there to return.

Dipasha also did business. She was running a beauty parlor in Kathmandu Mall. Although her financial resources seem good from the outside, it is not clear how she got into trouble.

According to the source, he broke up a few months ago. After that, she started getting crazy.
She was in love with a man outside of art.

Dipasha had been making posts full of disappointment on social media for a few days. Yesterday on Tiktok, she made a one-way love dialogue on Tiktok and wrote, “Enough is enough.”

Four days ago, she wrote such an emotional status on Facebook:

Life is to live with laughter
Perhaps beyond imagination at times
Arrival will make life miserable
Sometimes time shows many faces of people
I just don’t trust anyone anymore
The bar will not break
Faith, love, and relationships are all right in the film
In reality, everything is hard to bear in life

Another status he wrote a few days ago was:

Life is not to give importance to anyone more than yourself
The most faithful in this world
Death is the only thing that kills anyone
Not cheated

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