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Producers will get 50% continuous, 3 minute trailer will play for free


It has been agreed between the Movie Association and the Producers Association that they will get 50% share until the movie runs in Nepali cinema halls. Such an agreement was reached on Thursday between the Chairman of the Film Association Birendra Narayan Shrestha and the Chairman of the Producers Association Naval Khadka. According to the agreement, the Nepali films that have been screened since November 24 will get 50 percent shares until they run in theaters. Earlier, the producers of Nepali movies used to get only 35 percent share from the third week. Raunak Vikram Kandel, the producer of ‘Dimag Bad’, informed that after two days of talks last Wednesday and Thursday, the hall owners are ready to agree to their demands.

Apart from the 50-50 percent share sharing, other agreements have also been reached between the movie association and the producers. According to the producer Kandel, from now on, the three-minute trailer of the Nepali film will be played free of charge for 15 days before going to the cinema hall. Earlier, the hall used to play only one and a half minute trailer. Also, the producers had to pay money to the hall operators to put up posters in the halls. From now on, there is no need to pay money for putting up posters.

The producer Kandel said, “They have now addressed the issue raised by Bad Mind. This will benefit the entire Nepali film industry. At least we producers have felt a great relief.

Last October 29th, the ‘Dimag Bad’ team had warned that they would pick up their film from the theaters saying that there was injustice in sharing the shows in the theatres. They should get 50-50 percent share in the third week as well, they should get shows equal to foreign films. If they do not get it, they will be forced to remove the film from the theater and find an alternative means for showing it.

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