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Kamal Thapa’s support for the pro-royalty protests


RPP Nepal President Kamal Thapa has requested the government not to devalue today’s demonstration and people’s voice. President Thapa has requested the government through social media. He said: ‘We request the government not to devalue, ignore and suppress the protest and public voice in the capital city of Kathmandu, demanding the end of the corrupt system in the name of the federal republic, the establishment of the monarchy and the Hindu nation, and the abolition of federalism. I do.’He said that he will also respect the people’s wave in favor of the monarchy and Hindu nation. In addition, President Thapa also drew the attention of the government and major political parties to start the initiative to establish a democracy with a king and an eternal Hindu nation with all-religious equality and complete religious freedom, respecting the voice and feelings of the people. He also wished for the speedy recovery of those who were injured during the demonstration. . Similarly, they have also requested the organizers to conduct the demonstration in the future so that there is no difficulty for the general public.

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