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Fagu Purnima is being celebrated today


With the arrival of spring, the Phagu festival is being celebrated on Sunday, which carries the message of mutual reconciliation and goodwill. Holi festival will be celebrated tomorrow (Monday) in Terai Madhesh district. The characteristic of Holi Parva is that relatives and friends share happiness by playing with colors and water. Holi is played collectively in Vasantpur located in Kathmandu Valley. Nepalis and foreigners also participate in Holi in Basantpur. Today there is a tradition of celebrating different colors and lola games. Until a few years ago, the valley was celebrated by splashing water and colors on each other. In Phagu Purnima, people not only have fun by throwing colors and abir to each other, but also dance and sing. Old people, youth and even children participate enthusiastically in the dance. According to the Hindu religious tradition, one day, when Krishna was young, he bowed down and smeared color on Radha’s face. There has been a rush when applying color. Legend has it that everyone started celebrating Holi after this activity was considered fun. Another legend is also associated with Prahlad, a devotee of Vishnu. Holi is celebrated as a celebration of the victory of truth and destruction of falsehood. The process of hurling color and taunts against the will of the pedestrians on the road is being stopped.

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