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The government should immediately stop thousands of young people going abroad every day: President Dhakal


Chandra Prasad Dhakal, President of the Federation of Nepalese Industries and Commerce, has said that the government needs to immediately stop thousands of Nepalese youths from going abroad every day. Addressing the first meeting of the Education, Skill Development and Employment Committee of the Federation on Wednesday, President Dhakal made this request to the government.
He said that there is a shortage of workers in the industries and thousands of local manpower have left.

He said that the government’s weakness is the reason why thousands of young people go abroad every day. President Dhakal said that despite extreme unemployment in Nepal, Nepali industries had to bring in workers from India and Bangladesh due to lack of workers.

He said that the government needs to prevent skilled manpower from going abroad and arrange employment in Nepal itself. Dhakal said that the problem has arisen because the responsible agencies of Nepal only talk about themselves but do not work for the people.

He claimed that many students and youths are forced to go out because the Ministry of Forestry is talking about forests, physical infrastructure is about infrastructure, the Ministry of Finance and the National Bank are only talking about them. President Dhakal claimed that Nepal’s foreign currency has gone out with thousands of youths.

Dhakal said, “Thousands of people are going abroad every day. The industries of Nepal are in need of workers. Without getting workers, we are bringing workers from India and Bangladesh. On the one hand there is extreme unemployment in Nepal. Because there is unemployment, they have to bring people from outside to work. It is necessary to work to keep the skilled manpower in Nepal with the cooperation of all. But now the responsible bodies of Nepal are only talking about themselves. The people of the forest have only worked for the forest, the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure has only worked for the infrastructure. The Ministry of Finance and the National Bank have only spoken about themselves.

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