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Melamchi water redistribution from today, Prime Minister inaugurated


Melamchi water has been distributed to the homes of Kathmandu residents from today. Melamchi water has been distributed to consumers here for the fourth time.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda inaugurated the water redistribution of Melamchi this morning by turning on the tap of the office complex inside the Singh Darbar. However, Melamchi Water Supply Development Committee said that the water was sent to the consumer’s house before that. After repairing the spring area of Melamchi, which was damaged by the rains, the water supply to the valley residents started again from January 1st.

Melamchi’s water supply was stopped after the floods damaged Melamchi’s water source and access road. Before the onset of monsoon, Melamchi’s tunnel was closed and water was stopped. Even though the monsoon has been over for a long time, the people of the valley, who were suffering from the lack of drinking water, protested after Melamchi water was not brought to Kathmandu.

Then the board meeting of Melamchi Water Supply Development Committee held on 3rd December decided to complete the water diversion work within 28 days and deliver water to the houses of the valley. For that purpose, the road diversion work was started by mobilizing manpower in two shifts from 4th of August.

The diversion work was completed on the 27th of January and water was poured into the tunnel. After a few days of running water and cleaning the tunnel, water distribution to the streams of the valley residents has been started.

22 years after the construction of the project started, ie on 22nd of February 2077, the then Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli opened the water flow of Melamchi to the beautiful water of Melamchi by pressing the button of the hydromechanical gate of the flushing tunnel.

A month later, on Chait 20th, water from Melamchi was poured in Kathmandu for the first time. The then President Bidyadevi Bhandari started the water distribution of Melamchi by opening the tap built in Bhrikutimandap. But there was a lot of work to be done before the water distribution, so the water in the stream stopped within a few days.

Water distribution was completely stopped after the large flood and landslides that occurred at the end of May of the same year caused damage to Melamchi’s estuary area and headworks. After repairing it, on 23rd November 2079, the then water supply minister Umakant Chaudhary again started water distribution from Mahankal Center to Melamchi.

Prime Minister Prachanda inaugurated the water distribution of Melamchi for the fourth time today.

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